Ears Glued, Tail Cut Off, Beaten Hound Curls Up to Fend Off the Pain

On behalf of all the poor animals in Animal Rescue Center, Thank all of you, it’s your kindness that saves each life of poor animals We hope that everyone subscribe/like/share/watch the advertisement is the greatest support for the rescue station.

With everyone’s support, we are more confident to continue to rescue more furry children who are suffering. We are an officially certified non-profit private rescue organization. We welcome all friends who love animals and want to rescue animals to come to our rescue center to visit the 3,000 animals we rescued Rescue Center Name:

Harbin City Li Liu Small Animals Rescue Center Located in the cold northeastern city of Harbin, where stray animals and slaughter/breeding farms are flooded, you can imagine how difficult it is to rescue.

It has been 16 years since she began to rescue small animals in 2006, and Liu Li is moving forward. Caring for stray animals, and wishing every little life to be treated tenderly by the world. Hope all dog lovers and who pay attention to stray dogs, follow and subscribe to Our Rescue Center Channel Animal Rescue Center welcomes the attention, support and forwarding of all dog lovers.

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