Huge Botfly Maggot Withdrawn From inside A Little Squirrel

You will see in this video An Eastern Grey Squirrel who was anaesthetized in order to remove three botflies. So Never attempt to remove a Botfly yourself. So squeezing the larvae or piercing the Botfly can cause it to release a toxic liquid into the animal leading to some immediate anaphylaxis.

This adult female squirrel is doing awesome and will be on a short course of antibiotics before being returned home into the wild.

2nd clip is this Mississippi Kitten who is progressing well. He still refuses to eat on his own in captivity so we are just handfeeding him twice a day his calculated caloric he needs.

We moved him outdoors into a restricted activity pen then magically got out of his figure 8 wing wrap without even shredding it. It laid perfectly intact on the ground. and It was quite amazing. So he is back indoors. He leaves his bandage alone when he is inside.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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