It’s been 1 month without water & no food What occurred to her?

It is concerning to hear that your friend has gone for a month without water and food. Without proper nutrition, the body can become weak and exhausted.It is important for her to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Dehydration is a serious health risk and can lead to medical complications.

Additionally, you may want to contact local aid organizations who could provide her with food and water. We hope your friend gets the help she needs soon.

Jade was found alone in an uninhabited house. Her body was thin, only skin and bones, due to lack of water for a long time. It’s been 1 month without water and no food. She didn’t even have the strength to support her small head. Jade was diagnosed with parvovirus. Everything she endured was not enough. Now she has to fight this horrible disease.

She still had severe diarrhea and weakness, but everything was under control. No matter how difficult it is, I still believe in you. Be strong girl. We thank you for your comments to help the channel grow.

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