Watching this story a thousand times I always scream!

That’s a powerful story! It’s amazing how something can affect us so strongly, even after so many viewings. I’m glad it still brings you joy, even through the tears.

We rescued this poor dog. Poor boy! We called him Matty. A dog that was purposefully stoned, starved and seriously injured, And it’s a miracle he survived. Matty was almost dead when we rescued him. His situation is fragile and he is being cared for 24 hours a day at the veterinary hospital.

He was completely exhausted and one of his injured legs was rotting despite being given antibiotics and also being cleaned daily.

However, his leg became more and more gangrenous. We are strengthening him and will test his blood, if his blood tests are fine, We’re going to do the amputation or he’s at risk of infection. Stay strong Matty, everyone is cheering for you. He will finally spend a happy life in a real home and receive warm love in life.


For the first time in her life, Matty gets to live the life every dog ​​deserves. His life has turned to a new page, only love and happiness remain He finally got himself a bed!!!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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